About Us

Ivy & October is the brainchild of a mother and daughter duo, who ventured upon a quest to enhance our feminine traits. So this store was birthed specifically for the woman who is ready to embrace her softer, sweeter, more joyful side. If you've already changed your perspectives, then you may now be ready to change your wardrobe so that the way you show up on the outside is a perfect match or representation of who you are within.
Our mission is clear. We offer beautiful, feminine, fashion-conscious products to women in an online, auspiciously curated storefront. Good vibes comes in many forms - art, music, scents, good company, color, clothes - and we believe that when we feel good, we look good and we attract more good. So we've made it our duty to curate only those pieces that we think would inspire and uplift you. This is our contribution to your journey!

We have reinvented ourselves so many times, with each version being better, brighter and bolder. We are the queens of reinventing. We believe in taking up space. We are invested in helping you to live your best life. We are Ivy & October, and we are so enthused to have you here!